Our civic engagement

The purpose of this site is to collect information, advice and indications to support Covid-19 patients, whether or not they have undergone resuscitation, and those around them.

For security, credibility and legitimacy reasons, these recommendations must be provided by health professionals and will be used only as part of a prevention campaign. The advice will be summed up in one or more media that will be shared through multiple channels (social networks, e-mail campaign, etc.).

How to participate

Share your medical expertise in 6 steps

1. Registration

I complete a quick questionnaire specifying my specialty.

2. Signature

I wish to be an official signatory of the campaigns and to be mentionned in the publications.

3. Validation

I confirm my e-mail to finalize the registration process.

4. Recommendation

I provide relevant recommendations about the specialty I rely on.

5. Pre-publication

As signatory, I can modify documents before any publication.

6. Publication

Campaigns are spread on social networks, medias and newspapers. All the campaigns will be available on our site!